We always strive for image quality, but we understand your time is important so efficiency is our number one priority. As such our equipment has been carefully selected to deliver a pleasant balance of image quality, compatibility and functionality. This enables us to set up fast, change locations and reset camera settings with incredible speed while still delivering incredible imagery. 

If you’re part of a production company looking to hire Refresh Films for crew and equipment, below is a brief list of our in house equipment available.

Camera Bodies

Sony FX9 Cine-Line Camera

Sony’s FX9 boasts a 6K sensor with incredible auto-focus and lens compatibility options, 4 channel audio, slow motion and internal ND filter. Along with RAW recording and great internal codecs – also Netflix approved!

Sony FX6 Cine-Line Camera

Sony’s smaller and lighter brother the FX6 is great for run and gun work, with similar features to the FX9 it’s a beast with internal ND filters and a 4K sensor making shooting efficient and effective as possible.

Sony A7SIII Video Camera

The Sony A7SIII 12MP sensor has the most incredible low light capability of any camera on the market making it a desirable addition for any film maker. With insane shooting capabilities it makes it the perfect b-camera.

Sony A7IV Hybrid Camera

The A7IV is a hybrid camera with a 33MP sensor perfect for capturing still images but also great for video as well. The image size allow for plenty of detail and reframing as necessary to give delicious still imagery.


DJI Inspire 3 with X9

The Inspire 3 along with the X9 sensor can shoot an incredible 8K image retaining sharpness throughout challenging lighting scenarios and supports various focal lengths enabling a versatile, high speed aerial beast!

DJI Mavic 3 Drone

DJI’s Mavic 3 is arguably the most versatile drone on the market, with a 5K sensor, wide and telephoto shooting options, incredible battery life, hyperlapse and slow motion options all in an ultra compact package.

DJI Mini 3 Pro

For those tighter spaces and close to airport operations the Mini 3 is a light weight drone capable of shooting true 4K vertical format video and stills and avoiding costly permit approvals from the Civil Aviation Safety Authority.

iFlight Nazgul 5 FPV

iFlight Nazgul 5 is our go-to for FPV flights, supporting the latest GoPro and Insta360 cameras this ultra fast and nimble FPV drone can capture fast moving action at incredible speeds with amazing stability and precision.


Fujinon MK Cinema Lens

Fujinon is world renowned for image quality in cinema zoom lens. The MK series lenses are a Super35 format and deliver exceptional sharpness with a pleasant creamy bokeh perfect for narrative and documentary work.

Sony G and G Master

The G and G Master lens are our general go-to range for full frame lens options, our in house lens kit cover every focal length from an ultra wide 12mm perspective to 1200mm ultra telephoto zoom.

Zeiss Compact Lens Series

A world leader in optics, Zeiss partnered with Sony to deliver a series of auto focus lenses with beautiful colour rendition, compactness and sharpness. Perfect capturing critical focus in run and gun scenarios.

DJI DL Carbon Series

The DJI carbon series lenses are the native option for aerial filming with the Inspire 3. Supporting focal lengths from an ultra wide 18mm to a tight 50mm they deliver exceptional sharp imagery in both full frame and Super35 format.


Sennheiser MKH416 Shotgun

The MKH416 shotgun microphone from Sennheiser is an industry standard broadcast quality mic. We use it for interviews, voice overs and on camera run and gun scenarios.

Sennheiser MKE 1/2 Lavalier

The MKE1 and 2 are our preferred lapel mics for on the move presenters and those hard to get to spaces. With an incredible flat response it delivers a pleasing vocal sound.

Shure SM7B Vocal Mic

Perfect for podcasts, radio, voice overs and streaming, the SM7B is ready for action. Warm and full sounding it’s another industry standard mic we use daily.

Shure SM58 Handheld Vocal

The Shure SM58, legendary handheld vocals mic, perfect for live broadcast presenting, singers and performers. Particularly useful for on the fly interviews and vox pops.


Aputure 300/600D LED Light

The Aputure 300 and 600D LEDs produce an incredibly high colour quality light, combined with a large softbox they are the perfect keylight for interviews or for diffuse fill light on set.

Aputure 120D LED Light

The smaller sibling of the Aputure LED family, the 120D is a more compact LED studio light perfect for fill or backlighting and when combined with a fresnel lens and filter creates wonders.

Aputure Amaran LED Panel

Soft, diffuse even light over a set is often required, our go to lights for this are the Aputure Amaran and Nova LED panels, with very high colour quality and reproduction properties.

Aputure Mini Spot Lights

These Mini Spots are perfect for filling in the gaps or highlighting certain objects. Used discretely these really set the scene up well and contribute to the overall feel of a set.

Editing Studio

Genelec Studio Monitors

Our video editing suite consists of a set of Genelec studio monitors and  bass sub-woofer. These are another industry standard for recording studios that we use daily for audio and video work.

Apple Mac Studio

The Mac Studio with Apple silicon M1 chips are a real game changer for video editors. With built in decoder/encoders we can throw any form of footage at these without the need to transcode. Rendering time is incredibly fast.

LG Calibrated Monitors

LG is our preferred brand of monitor, with wide P3 colour ranges, HDR capability and ability to calibrate means our editing is true to life and more accurate than others at much higher cost.

Apple MacBook Pro

Blazingly fast I/O, M1 chip and a beautiful display make the MacBook Pro our preferred data wrangling and editing on the go. Copying data fast speeds up our workflow and increases efficiency, resulting in lower costs.

This is a sample of our in-house equipment, we also utilise the best in stabilisation, gimbals, tripods, action and 360 cameras, heavy lift drones, and other grip/rigs/mounts. For larger productions camera equipment is hired as necessary.