Drones and Commercial UAVs have become an absolute necessity for many industries around the world and while drone technology is advancing rapidly we’re following the trend increasing our capabilities with drones not only for video and photography work, but asset management as well.


As a CASA licensed commercial drone operator with appropriate insurance cover and extensive experience we’re able to offer a wide range of services with drones as below:


Our team are professional drone operators, we capture high speed tracking shots, all the angles for full coverage of your event, film or marketing content. 

Check out our showreel to see were we’ve been and what we’ve done with drones…


Refresh Films are experts in drone photography, we’ve captured tens of thousands of photos for clients over the years across a range of industries with speed and precision.

Drone photography has become a necessity because of the ability to capture angles and get into positions to shoot that would otherwise impossible from the ground, we’re talking horizon shots, the top down ‘bomb’ shot, high speed tracking shots, over water and height restricted areas all possible from the flying camera system.

The camera quality of drones has advanced significantly as well (just like phones), and we’re now able to capture professional quality drone photography.


Operating a drone can be a complex task, our expert drone pilots are excited to assist on any adventure you may require.

We offer one on one training for new pilots and camera operators, fix damaged equipment, provide diagnostics and data recovery services.

If you have a particular project in mind get in touch with us today and see how you can utlise our expert drone operators.