Frequently Asked Questions

If you’ve made it to this page you probably have some… questions? We’ve put together some answers to the most popular questions below.

As an end-to-end video production company we create content that is used for TV commercials, social media marketing, cinema advertising, website content, historial records, training and development, client relations and more…

The creation process is very similar across these segments, however we do not cover weddings, birthday parties and similar events.

The cost of a video production does vary quite substantially and it’s due to many factors. To get a formal quotation it’s best to contact us directly for a proposal or if you’re not quite ready for that head over to our pricing page to view our rates for various services.

Typically a short production may cost between $1,500 and $4,000 while longer productions are in excess of $10,000.

Experience aside, we don’t treat you like a number, you’re not part of a sales process machine. We make sure every interaction with us is professional and when it comes to the exciting part – we want to have fun and be a bit personal too and with a dedicated producer throughout our relationship you can rest assured we’re on the same team.

The shortest answer is – whatever get’s the job done. We have our in-house equipment and for specialty things we hire what we need.

Absolutely, the best part of video production is the opportunities to travel and meet new people.

This really depends on the complexity of the project. For most projects production takes 1-5 days and post production within 2-4 weeks.

We don’t include raw files as standard, we do however offer it as an additional service. Our reasoning is that it’s more time and data required and generally unless you are an editor with software you won’t even be able to open or view the files.

For video productions we include 2 revisions as standard. This means after the draft video is presented you’ll have the opportunity to gather feedback from your team, the changes will be implemented and submitted for review and feedback again before the final video is released.

This is our number one FAQ, and the answer is really not simple. If you’re making a 30 second cinema ad and we have to shoot in Paris, then that’s obviously going to cost more than a 30 second piece to camera shot on an iPhone. So unfortunately there isn’t an answer for this other than we need more information to give you any sort of realistic price.

Copyright is a big deal, unfortunately we can’t use your favourite Ed Sheeran song. We do however provide licensed professional audio tracks and sound effects from a range of providers.

Yes absolutely, we have a range of contacts for talent agencies and voice over artists you can choose from.