Refresh Films is your partner in video production. We guide you through every step of the video production process to create content tailored exactly to your requirements. Whether you need to produce a training video, a documentary,  social media marketing content or a brand story for your website we have experience and expert equipment to shoot a wide range of advertising and marketing content through to client and public relations material.

The Process of Video Production


The creative stage is all about defining what it is we're shooting, who it's for, what it looks like, setting budgets and goals, so everyone involved is clear on the deliverables.


Pre-production stage is starting to glue the back end together, creating scripts, shot lists, call sheets, booking equipment, crew, locations and everything else in between.


It's time to get the cameras rolling. We bring together the brief, crew, cameras and everything else to make the magic happen ready for the editing suite.


Here's where we make it awesome! The raw footage gets brought to our editing team for cutting. Add titles, graphics, music, sound effects and more...


After the first draft you'll have the opportunity to review the edit and provide feedback. After our team has made the adjustments you'll get a second round of revisions before handing over.


The Creative stage is largely about getting ideas out of the brain and onto paper, exploring various possibilities, different scripts, shots, graphics and discovering different aspects of the production that may cause complications.

There isn’t one particular way we do this as every company we work with is different, some may prefer to have in person meetings, others already have the creative side sorted out before even engaging us.

This part is particularly fun but also helps to set clear shoot goals and understand constraints such as budget size and timing issues.


After the creative or discovery phase has occurred we move to pre-production stage where we start putting the ‘wheels in motion’ for your video production. 

Here we scout and secure locations, hire talent, organise camera crew and equipment hire, finalise the scripts and shot lists and essentially book everything in for the days in production.

We’ll work with with your team to ensure everyone is available on the proposed days for shooting, call sheets are distributed and everyone is on the same page when it comes to the video production.


The fun part! Production is the process of capturing all the components of the video in preparation for editing. It encompasses all of the hard work in previous phases and is largely where the look and feel of the video is created.

The shoot days are set, the crew, talent, equipment are all set up in perfect harmony to record components of the shot list and story board bringing your ideas to life.

Once the footage and sound has been shot the data is checked and backed up and is headed for the next stage.


The post-production process is where the real magic happens, the raw footage is ingested by editing software, the various clips get cut and assembled into a coherant visual art piece. 

Then colour grading and corrections make the image stand out, audio components are enhanced, titles, visual effects, motion graphics, transitions and supporting footage are added and finally feedback and revision sessions then take place.


Now that the editing side has been completed it’s time to distribute the video. Ultimately this is the most important part of any video production. With our help you can have your video seen by 10s or 100s of thousands of eyes with an effective video marketing campaign. 

There are many platforms to get your content out there, for maximum exposure why not have your video on all of them?


Whatever your video ideas may be Refresh Films is ready to help you produce the content that clearly delivers your message.

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