We’re often asked during the set up of a video production why we need so many lights, here’s why…

Lighting is an essential element of any video production and can greatly impact the overall look and feel of a video. Here are a few reasons why lighting is important for video creators:

  1. Mood and emotion: Lighting can be used to create a certain mood or emotion in a video. For example, warm lighting can create a cozy and inviting atmosphere, while cool lighting can create a tense or eerie atmosphere.
  2. Visibility: Good lighting is essential for making sure that the subjects in a video are well-lit and visible. Poor lighting can result in footage that is dark and difficult to see.
  3. Contrast: Lighting can be used to create contrast and depth in a video. For example, by using a backlight to separate a subject from the background, it will help to create a sense of depth and make the subject stand out.
  4. Cinematic look: Lighting is an essential part of creating a cinematic look in a video. By using different lighting techniques and equipment, video creators can achieve a variety of different looks, from naturalistic to stylized.
  5. Color rendering: Lighting plays a key role in how colours are rendered in a video. Poor lighting can cause colours to appear washed out or flat, while good lighting can make colours appear more vibrant and lifelike.
  6. Realism: Lighting can be used to create a realistic or believable environment in a video. For example, by using practical lighting sources such as window light, a video can look more natural and believable.

In summary, lighting is important in video production because it sets the tone, mood and atmosphere of the video, it makes the subjects visible, it helps to create contrast and depth, it is an essential part of creating a cinematic look, it affects color rendering, and it can help to create a realistic environment.

A before and after image of an interview lighting set up.