Being on camera can be a nerve-racking experience for many. This video details some common issues and mistakes interviewees have and how to overcome them.

Preparation is key but it’s important not to be over prepared, don’t script out what you’re going to say word by word. Instead focus on some key touch points to talk about and then practise how you’ll say it.

Clothing choice should be appropriate to the video topic, we’re all individuals but if you’re representing a company make sure you’re dressed appropriately that reflects the organisations clothing policy or any health and safety guidelines. Try not to wear anything with lines or patterns to avoid moire effect in the final video, and don’t wear branded clothes or colours that are the same as the background.

Jewellery can make tiny clinking sounds when you move, so try not to wear any thing with multiple metal, rock or pearls joined together. The tiny clinking sounds will be heard by the microphones and takes time to remove them. Bring some hair product and a comb to the shoot so you can look your best, if you wear make up try not to wear anything with a shine on it as it create hot spots on your face when the light is shining on you.

It can be overwhelming when there are lights, cameras, microphones and people standing around you during your on camera experience. We’re not here to make you look bad so pay attention to any directions the crew is indicating.

Maintain eye contact with the interviewer as much as possible during the interview and in a piece to camera, start and finish with a smile and keep looking into the camera or teleprompter as you finish. Being nervous is completely normal and it affects people differently. Use your hands to express yourself and when they’re not in use rest them together in front or behind you. If you start getting tense or swaying around, give yourself a break and shake your sillys out.

Remember to breathe, you don’t need to exhaust your self with every breath. Answer in full sentences that incorporate the question into your response. If you’re asked a short question such as: What is your name and title? Don’t respond with Bob Jones, Director… try something like My name is Bob Jones and I’m the regional director of XYZ company. This allows the editor to use your response in the edit rather than a single word.

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